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Building A Better Website

Whether you run a business or a non-profit, a successful website is one that supports your business or your mission.  Whether creating your first website, or updating an existing site, let Analytic-OR support you through the process.  We create websites that are designed for your business or organization, that put your goals first.  We set up your website so that you can see how it is performing, and use Search Engine Optimization best practices to make sure your website is found by your potential customers.

Why Do You Have a Website?

This basic question is at the heart of our approach.  Our job is to find the insights in the data that improve your business through your website.  But first, we have to understand what goals you have for your website.  What is the reason for your website, and how does it contribute to your business or organization?  What do you want to accomplish with your website?

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Search Engine Optimization and Website Analytics

We love the A-HA feeling.  This is the moment when a hidden truth suddenly becomes clear and the overwhelming jumble of data turns into knowledge and understanding.Your website is a critical piece of your organization, and it can supply you with mountains of data.  At Analytic-OR, we turn that data into knowledge.  We know how to collect, organize, and interpret your data to make your website better.Web Analytics is not simply measuring what is happening on your website, or even improving your website.  True web analytics is using your data to make your whole business or organization better.

The Analytic-OR Difference

Analytic-OR has years of experience in business analytics and optimization. We know your website has to be more than just a pretty face. We take the time to determine how your website can help meet the goals of your business or organization.  We then design your web analytics data collection around your goals, organize the resulting data, and interpret its meaning.

Our recommendations are based on your own data, they support your goals, and are invaluable for effective decision making.

Applied Science

Analytic-OR specializes in helping clients from both the public and private sectors make complex decisions by applying business analytics, web analytics and operational research methods.

Better Decisions

In today’s computer age, businesses and governments are inundated by data. Analytic-OR goes beyond rules of thumb, intuition and gut feel and uses real data to offer concrete solutions to your business problems.

Better Business

Our clients need practical solutions which use resources wisely. That’s just better business. With over two decades of experience with optimization and analytics, we bring a fresh perspective, analytical reasoning, and a wealth of experience to your business and your web site.

We offer customized solutions, training, and one-on-one coaching. Contact us to see how we can put our experience to work for you.