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Consulting Services

Today’s world is more complex than ever before.  Results are expected instantly, and accountability is required constantly.  No longer is the challenge in finding data, but in making sense of the overwhelming amount of information available.

Analytic-OR is experienced in cutting through complexity, identifying what data is important, and interpreting its true meaning.  We offer optimal, practical solutions that align with our client’s strategic objectives. 

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Web Services

A WEBSITE IN TODAY’S WORLD…is the hub of an organization’s activities making it a critical touch-point for users, an effective brand builder, and a real-time source of user feedback and interaction. This allows you to fine tune and integrate not only your site’s effectiveness but your overall communication strategies.

Analytic-OR provides optimization, measurement and an integrated strategic approach to a website—three key factors that are now, more than ever, important to your website’s success!

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